My living room is also an emergency room some days

Living in a big city like London is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their life, big cities never sleep. Indeed, there is always something you can do, you can always find a restaurant or a takeaway place available. Moving from the countryside was at first hard, I was used to barely hearing cars driving pass my house, ambulance sirens were the most unusual thing ever and the food was always available only from the fridge.

My two cats will agree with me on the fact that the countryside was a perfect place to rest, but sometimes seeing more human beings is healthy and even fun. I enjoy my time in London, I have an awesome job and I get holidays fairly often. On the other hand, all of my friends have the type of job where you are lucky if you can get annual leave on Christmas. One day we decided to have a sushi night, everyone brought their favorite ingredients and while we chatted everyone was rolling their own sushi.

By the second bottle of wine and about 5 sushi rolls each, one of my friends started arguing about the fact that we have known each other for almost eight years now and we have never traveled together. Everyone in the room turned into friends for every mood and started wondering what traveling together will be like. Three hours later we were looking for air tickets to go to Mexico in one month for two weeks.

After we searched and even booked air tickets and hotels we realized we didn’t consider the tiny detail that everyone would be at work on those dates. Emily was at the other side of the table, I saw her disappeared a couple of times and she barely participated when we were planning our spontaneous trip. Once we mentioned the issue of getting permission for an early holiday at work she starts handing out a form to everyone. Suddenly my living room became an emergency room with sick people from pneumonia, a broken rib, and two gastric ulcers. She had indeed created five different doctors fake notes so everyone could get away from work for our trip.

When we asked her where or how did he manage to have a fake note from the Dr, she just smiled back to us and said that it was her secret for a long time now that she’s been using to get her vacations paid. We were so amazed that on what she had revealed to us and we told her that her secret is too good for her to keep alone. She laughed and said: “now it’s ours” and everyone got so happy. To get the very best fake doctor’s note, look at stories.

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