A funeral speech is an opportunity to send a departed, loved friend or family member a message. Yet, the message isn’t delivered to them but the entire community of people who have known him or her through the years. The message is inevitably one which contains some amount of grief and sorrow — yet at the same time, it isn’t a message that revels in the sadness of the loss, but celebrates the joy and inspiration of the vital qualities of the one who passed.

Conveying this message is necessarily filled with a certain eloquence — a certain poetry if you will — to have a powerful impact in the hearts and souls of those attending. The rhyme and rhythm of the delivery has as much to do, if not more, than the factual points you are conveying. By addressing the eulogy from a poetic vantage point, you are tapping into a deeper facet of the departed’s humanity that has not perhaps been fully felt by everyone, but an aspect that has to be conveyed before the departed and their contribution to the planet can finally rest in peace.

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Giving your eulogy involves taking a few steps of pause in advance to ensure that you are delivering a message that is not only heartfelt, but that is capturing the genuine vibration of the one who has left. Taking a few breaths during the delivery allows the audience to fully feel what you are expressing, and to evoke their warmth and gratitude for the departed’s presence in their own lives. If you’re looking for a great funeral speech example, there are several places online.

Funeral speeches have a variety of forms, but a clear function of bringing to the surface, and taking to the depths, the spirit of the one who passed through the minds, hearts, and souls of those in attendance. Your ability to convey a rich message filled with the qualities that demonstrate the inherent value of the one who left is critical to the success of delivering an impactful eulogy.

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