Compose the Best Eulogy

Whether you have deeply loved someone who has died or you are requested to give a eulogy at a funeral from someone you barely know, the key to the funeral speech going off without a hitch is in the preparation. Funeral speeches, by nature, are not something that most people desire to give, but when done well, they can be a tribute which lasts in the memories of fellow mourners and create a healing way for you to express your care for the deceased.

First, consider the intrinsic traits of the deceased. Was she kind? Was he a joke-maker? Did she remember every birthday and holiday with a card or homemade treat for the kids? Could he identify a bird through the mere hearing of a single tweet? These are the memories that you may choose to include in your eulogy. If you knew the person well, this may produce more than enough fodder for a good eulogy, but if you didn’t, consider contacting a person close to the deceased to learn of these cherished traits.

When you get ready to compose your writing, a selection of poetry is always a nice touch. Grab a book or search the internet for a piece that describes the type of impact that the deceased had on the world, a spiritual, religious, or philosophical piece on life and death, something the deceased favored, or a passage of Scripture. In selecting a great passage, it is important to tie it in to the person, the occasion, and the underlying sentiment of how this person has impacted the world or how this person being gone from the world will affect those left behind or bless the person in eternity.

While you will weave each of the components into one cohesive piece, don’t forget to begin any funeral speeches you may write with a warm yet solemn introduction and a hopeful, yet sober ending. Positive humor can be incorporated, especially if the deceased had a favorite joke to tell, or if there is a funny anecdote of a time spent with the deceased, but include these with appropriate sentiment. Finally, always be sure not to utilize humor at the deceased’s expense or make comments that could be hurtful to anyone in attendance.

The key to a solid funeral speech is to make the eulogy personal, meaningful, and emotionally compelling for yourself as well as the attendees.

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